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In this section I cast light on some of the amazing women I know.


These women have amazing different and absolutely dIvine talents, and you might be seeking for the light they hold, so take a look and be inspired.



Yoga Queen

If you are at all considering becoming a yoga instructor og having solo yoga sessions take a good look at this magical woman. Maria is the softest most openhearted woman I know. She is pure magic, a rainbow of love and light.

She sings like an angel too, and her soothing sound holds and carries you through your yoga practice. She opens to grace and helps you enter your own sacred space.

Yoga By Mikenta is a magical studio, her divine creation brings you peace and tranquility. You get much more than yoga, you heal in her presence.


Did I mention she is heavenly?


Go check her out if you need more magic in your life:


Vibrational Master

This intriguing woman knows how to lift frequencies like no other. I would call her a chrystal whisperer. She masters the language of chrystals, etheric oils and energy prints. She is secret yet known, she is hidden yet found, she is the one to call when you need an overall shift in your energy. She clears your living space including your personal space, and she does this with the highest respect and care for the highest good of all.


When getting a houseclearing you also get house jewelry and housemists to safeguard the new energy, its just too yummy. You can feel an instant change when she has healed your space.


She works in mysterious ways, and meeting her has been one of the major joys in my life.


If you sense heavy energy, and need help clearing it out, she is the one to call. She lifts your livingspace too in a Feng Shui kind a way. Prepare to elevate.


She works case to case, so get in touch with me to see if your next.



Multidimensional Soul traveler

This enchanting woman has a variety of divine talents, she truly is multidimensional and her talents are many, there is not much she can not do, I will mention a few of her talents.

Her soultravel-healing sessions are profound, they go deep and far in time and space. She has helped me heal many past life traumas. In her presence you quickly enter into that peaceful, meditative state, where you connect to your higher self, this is where the healing begins.

Her clairvoyance skills are quite unique too, she sees what many can not, it really is astonishing.

Her laugh and wild spirit will forever change you, if you choose to connect to the lifeforce she holds. I am blessed to have her in my life.


So if you need healing, clairvoyance, plant medicine - inner journeys, or want to connect to deceased relatives please check out her beautiful space at:


Poetic Beauty

This devine beautiful woman has a poetic intuitive soul. She truly is a poet. She creates magic in the world of graphic webdesign. With poetry and beauty she tunes into your vibration and collaborates heavenly with your essence, this way you get a homepage that reflects your soul. Can't you tell.... she collaborated with me and created this platform:


If you want your website to be more vibrant and in touch with your energy, then this is the lady to put to the task. You will be ecstatic about the results. 


Did I mention she makes the world a

more beautiful place?


If you are in need of a website go check her out:

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