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I have met some incredible souls on my journey through life.


Some of them have touched my heart in the most beautiful way.

Below I am giving tribute to those who have impacted me the most on my spiritual journey.

I will link to their websites, so please tjek them out - they might hold the key to the very place your trying to unlock.

RyanFinalPNG 2.png


I am giving tribute to this guy, simply because he was such a big part of my awakening process.


I was recommended one of his courses back in 2017. And have since bought nearly all of them. Ryan Angelo has created so much divinely guided material that you cannot help but to take gems of wisdom with you from these teachings. 


I have had many one on one sessions with Ryan, and they have assisted me in following my true life purpose. I draw from this profound knowledge in my own work, and it continues to assist and guide me.


When Ryan speaks my heart just opens and I feel instantly connected to my higher self.


If you are just a little drawn to this guy or if you have major resistance ;-) I strongly recommend you put on your armor of bravery and book a session or dive into his audio material.

I promise you will only gain in doing so.


Please check out his website and do share with people on your path, who too are on a healing journey.


Soon to be released 

Stay tuned for more information :)

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