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Solopgang på naturen


You are in the middle of a spiritual growth, a healing-journey. You have been longing to connect to the wisdom of your body and embody all the joy and love it holds for you.

Retreat to the most heavenly space. I will guide you gently to let go of pain, you will discover how your heart opens to a new level of consciousness all through the wisdom of your body.


Two days traveling to the most sacred parts within you, letting joy and love flow freely in all your rivers.


We design your retreat together, so all your needs are met.



Imagine a retreat just for you, packed with deep awareness, transformation and healing. A space created for you to breathe and reconnect to your sacred heart. Letting go of strongholds and blockings to rediscover joy and peace. 


I will guide and assist you throughout a full day and night. You will stay in a suite covered in angels breath. From the balcony you can look out to the sea and get a rejuvenating breath of fresh air. In summertimes you can soak up the sun from every part of the magical and adventurous garden.

Tree vegan meals included.


Enter a transformative space with like minded souls. In a group of maximum 8 women we lift, nurture and love each other into transformation. When we dare to cocreate and emerge in oneness we shift from fear to faith.

Contact me for more information.

Tre kvinder
Reiki Healing


Learn how to use the universal healing energy for the highest good of all.


I am at service and ready to lift spirits even higher.


Humbled to do what I do, to assist souls in mastering their frequency. Reiki takes you higher.


Contact me for more information.

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